Newborn Baby Posed

“How do i know my baby will be safe during our time in the studio?”

Having worked as a fully qualified Midwife for the last 10 years & as a Nurse before this, i fully understand the anxiety that can come with someone new to your family handling your brand new & precious baby. Please let me assure you that i have over 10 years working as a Midwife & over 7 years as a specialist Newborn Photographer, I’m very confident when handling babies but i also handle & pose them safely at all times. Babies are never left unattended whilst in the studio & all posing is carried out at the baby’s pace with their comfort as my top priority. The studio is heated with the baby in mind, & i am constantly assessing their comfort levels & requirements, no posing is ever forced. I have undertaken many many training courses throughout the years fine tuning my posing & ensuring that everything i do is 100% safe. 

“Can i bring my older child along to the session for some photos with the baby?”

Yes of course, during a session i feel it’s important to capture that special bond between your children & your newest baby, it’s the perfect opportunity to capture professional photos of your babies together. Siblings are welcome to attend the very beginning of a session for some portrait photos with their baby sister/brother but due to the nature of what we’re trying to achieve with your session, it is recommended that a family member collects them or takes them to the beach to play whilst i concentrate on capturing beautiful images of your baby in a calm, quiet environment. There is no extra charge for this. The studio environment is hot & dull for young children & it doesn’t take long before they get bored. I’m sure you can imagine there are lots of expensive props, items & equipment that although tempting for little hands are quite fragile. 

Newborn Baby with Sibling
Newborn Baby Sleep with Hat

“Do I have to provide props or outfits for the session?”

Don’t worry, you don’t have to provide anything other than what you already have in your baby change bag. Before your session I will ask you what colours you’d like me to use for your newborn session or theme (Cake Smash) & i will set about planning the props, blankets & decorations that i will need to complete your session. The studio has a huge abundance of props, blankets & decorations to meet every colour, taste & option, so you won’t have to purchase any props, hats, or headbands as i have everything that we could possibly need.

Maternity outfits are available for your use in the studio for your session, again however if you would like to bring along a certain outfit that you think would work or that you particularly love then you’re more than welcome to bring it along & i will do my best to use it during the session.

“Will you be taking family photos at the session?”

During your newborn session, you will be encouraged to have some photos as a family & individually with your new baby, i fully appreciate that just after having a baby you may not be feeling quite at your most glamorous, but please do trust me to capture beautiful images of your bond with your brand new baby. After 7+ years of photographing new parents & their babies I’m an expert at posing new moms & helping hide those areas that none of us like just after we’ve had a baby. In years to come you’ll be so glad you had the images taken & your baby will cherish them when they grow up.

In your newborn prep message that i will send to you after you’ve told me your wonderful news of your new arrival it will mention what i suggest you wear for your session, both to be comfortable & look good too. If you would like family photos taken during your little one’s Sitter Session, that’s not a problem at all, please just let me know in advance so i can prepare the studio for this. Maternity clients are also encouraged to bring along their partner & older children too for some beautiful family shots with the glowing mom to be.

During a Cake Smash session the studio is not equipped for any family photos as the focus will be on your little ones birthday celebration & one year olds tend to get very tired very quickly, hence the nature of the session leaves no time for family photos to be taken.

New Family Professional Photograph
Young Baby with Cute Hat

“What does the session fee include?

The session fee doesn’t include any products, but covers my time & my expertise to capture beautiful images of your baby in a lovely calm & cosy environment of the Honey Pie Photography Studio, the use of all props, blankets, hats, decorations & headbands is included according to your chosen colour scheme.

Cake Smash session fees include the cake, all the decorations & the outfits that we will need for the session.

Your booking fee is non refundable & secures your booking in my diary, during busy months often clients are turned away once bookings have reached their quota & months are full. Following your session there is a minimum spend of £150 on products (£100 on Maternity), which start from £45, the full product pricing brochure can be viewed via the ‘Investment‘ tab.

“My baby has a dairy allergy, is it possible to still have a Cake Smash?”

I work closely with my baker & communicate any allergies which my tiny clients may have, cakes are especially prepared & baked with allergies in mind. If your baby has a dairy allergy I am able to provide a vegan cake for your session from my supplier. However if you are still concerned, we could switch the Cake Smash to another type of Smash with fruit, Doughnuts, pizza or ice cream or we could think of something totally different together for your little one that both you & your baby will love.

Cake Smash Photo with 1 Year Old Baby
Newborn Photography Baby on Blanket

“How long will the session take?”

Newborn sessions can take up to 4 hours, there is a lot of time spent soothing, changing or feeding your little one so they stay super comfortable & relaxed during their time at the Honey Pie Studio. Twins or unsettled babies usually take a little longer. There are hot & cold refreshments in the studio & there is also a chill out room with a sofa out back for tired parents to relax in.

Newborn sessions are never rushed as babies can sense our anxiety & moods which can have a negative impact on the result. For that reason it is always suggested that you make no plans for the remainder of the day that your session will be held on. This will allow you to fully relax & enjoy watching me work without rushing.

Sitter sessions & Cake Smash sessions are dependant upon baby, but usually the session will last around 90 mins.

Maternity sessions will last around 60 mins.

“How soon in advance should i book?”

In a nutshell, the sooner you book your session the better as some months do book out in advance. Newborn & Maternity sessions are ideally booked just after you’ve had your 12 week scan, you can of course book later than this at any point during your pregnancy & i will always do my very best to fit you in, but some months do book out. Your booking month just secures your little one a spot within my diary in that month, as until your baby arrives & we see how you’re both feeling we won’t be able to schedule a day for your session. I only take on a set number of newborns each month to ensure i can give each tiny client the care & attention they deserve.

Maternity sessions are held between 34 & 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

Last minute bookings for babies who have already been born will be considered if i have availability within my diary. Newborn sessions are always held within 16 days of birth & space last minute can be tricky, however i will be my very best to fit your little one in.

Cake smashes are recommended to be booked in at least a month if not more in advance, especially if you’re considering an elaborate theme. I usually spend a good month planning & preparing for each Cake Smash session & i have a lot of clients who book in around 5 months in advance for these sessions. Sitter Sessions can be booked anytime.

Professional Newborn Photograph Baby Sleeping
Cake Smash Photography with Blue Cake

“I’d like a Cake Smash session but i have no idea what theme or colour scheme to have. Do i need to decide before booking?”

Don’t worry, once you’re booked in & if your cake smash is within 6 weeks I can call you to discuss everything with you. We can bounce ideas of colour schemes or themes around together until we find something that you’ll love. Its quite common for parents to not know what theme they would like, so don’t worry, I’m totally used it to it & i love exercising my creativity. If your cake smash isn’t for a number of months yet, don’t worry, you have a while to think of something & nearer the time I’m more than happy to help.

“My baby is 3 weeks old, can i book a newborn session?”

Unfortunately if your baby is already 3 weeks old, it will now be too late to schedule a posed newborn session as by the time i can fit you in little one will be past that curly, brand new & fresh newborn stage. Past 3 weeks old, baby is more prone to being colicky, baby acne can start breaking out & little ones are more alert & less squishy, curly & sleepy when moved. Sadly these things combined result in a baby who is now no longer posable in the images you have seen in my portfolio of work.

However if you wished you could go ahead & have a lifestyle session with your baby, this type of session focuses mostly on you being in the images holding your baby & connecting with your little one. There is no posing as such & the images are very natural in appearance & your baby will wear a plain white vest throughout. The next milestone stage after newborn would be 3 months old, when again you would be invited to take part in a lifestyle relaxed session with your little one.

“How much are the products?”

The products start from £45 upwards which means there is a product which fits every lifestyle & budget. Packages/Collections are available on the first page of the product catalogue which bundle together the most popular products that clients love & order time & time again.

Here is a link to my product pricing brochure; Product pricing brochure  

“Do you offer payment plans?”

Yes absolutely, i fully understand this is an investment for both you & your children’s future. I totally get that you may wish to purchase the digitals alongside a few wall displays for your home. Total orders which are over £600 in value may be split into two or three monthly instalments. Don’t worry, you won’t need to re attend the studio to complete your remaining instalments, these will be invoiced via email to you on a date that suits your lifestyle. 

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